What is live communication anyway? Live communication is the generic term for all communication tools that focus on a personal encounter between a company or brand and its target group in a staged environment and so on... No matter what you call it or describe it - that's exactly what we do - or rather, that's our DNA. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression. From start to finish – and beyond.

CONCEPTION By offering event conception services, we aim to create unique, engaging, and immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale event, our dedicated team is committed to making your vision come to life through our comprehensive event conception process.

PRODUCTIONEvent production is not just our job, it's our passion. (We believe that every event should tell a story - a story that evokes emotions, creates connections and leaves memories.) Our team consists of absolute event production experts and leaves nothing to be desired. From concept development to planning and realisation - we take care of every detail to make your event a unique experience.

DESIGN We have some very creative minds in house! So if you don't know how to get the "corporate" into the event, don't have a graphic designer at hand or need any assets for different channels or whatever. Our professionals support you with any kind of design & communication.

FOOD & BEVERAGE When it comes to drinks, we're not just good, we're the ultimate professionals! In our world, you'll find everything your heart (and thirst) desires - from a stylish bar and irresistible drinks to perfectly trained staff. We take care of every last detail, even the little cocktail umbrellas...Together with our in-house kitchens in some locations as well as external long-standing partners from the catering sector, we form an experienced and well-coordinated team. This enables us to offer you meals, snacks, buffets or special requests that are perfectly tailored to your wishes.

RENTAL In addition to providing our venues, we offer a comprehensive range of services - either in-house, from our own inventory or via our partners: from high-quality sound and lighting technology to cool bars, flexible furnishings, catering tools of all kinds as well as branding and decoration options - and of course the right staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. So we don't just offer empty spaces, but a full service for a carefree and personalised experience.

BOOKING Although we are not an official booking agency, we have a mega network of DJs and artists of all colours. So if you're looking for the ultimate beat for your event or the perfect artist for the wow factor - we're your secret weapon!



As a place making agency, our services revolve around the thoughtful planning, design and development of public spaces with the goal of creating engaging and functional environments that enhance the community's well-being and sense of place. Our approach focuses on fostering a sense of belonging, identity, and connection within specific locations through strategic integration of design, culture and community engagement.

DESTINATION DEVELOPMENT When it comes to real estate, we don’t just build any old spaces. Nope, we specialize in crafting seriously cool and creative spots that are guaranteed to blow your mind. We specialize in developing imaginative and innovative spaces that inspire creativity. From transforming unused buildings into vibrant arts centers to designing unique workspaces, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.Let's create places and fill them with content. We call it: Creating a new destination.

BROKERAGE & SCOUTING Whether you’re in need of a unique venue for an event, a filming location, or a space for a creative project, we can assist you in finding and securing the perfect location. Our team excels in connecting clients with suitable spaces and ensuring effective marketing and promotion to maximize visibility - just round the corner or even worldwide, if you like.

CONSULTING Need help with the development? Advice on the smart moves and little shortcuts there are? Then contact us! We advise and support you as partners from acquisition to project management and ongoing operation with passion, many years of experience and a large network.

...licence or building permit is causing problem?
...location has been cancelled and your event is in 2 days?
...neighbours are constantly complaining about the volume and you've been castrated to 40 decibels? is ready and now the building authorities have just imposed safety measures on your doorstep?
...knowledge of escape and rescue routes for your number of guests is just not enough?
...22 square metre stall should be transformed into a club? . matter what: CALL US! We'll fire up the martin horn immediately.

NETWORKING & PARTNERSHIP Connecting professionals, community actors and other stakeholders is critical to creating vibrant, inclusive and sustainable public spaces. We nurture our network and love partnerships



We offer the perfect location and planning for every occasion. Select your desired event in the overview and we will show you the right solution. There's definitely a match coming up!

BRAND ACTIVIATION Brand Activation is like a backstage pass moment for customers. It lets them not just watch, but actively participate, celebrate with the brand and become part of the story. And when the whole thing is over, they are left not only with memories, but also with the certainty that this brand is something special - like the rock star they experienced live. We like to be the stage, the crew and the backing singers all in one.

COMPANY EVENT All in all, a company event is like a festival of corporate culture. It's not just about business; it's a vibrant party of collaboration where the team is in the spotlight. Welcome to a place where success is greeted with a high-five.

CONFERENCE Conferences play a crucial role in promoting knowledge sharing, networking among professionals and fostering innovation in various fields. They provide a platform for lively discussions, inspiring presentations and the creation of valuable professional relationships. And don't forget the location! From urban congress places to exotic spaces, conferences don't just take place, they stage themselves. The atmosphere is not just business, but also a bit showbiz.

WORKSHOP The workshop: a living think tank. So let the ideas flow and put your knowledge into practice together. We have the living platform for you including furniture, technology, equipment, catering - everything is on site.

CORPORATE Corporate events - a strategic tool for strengthening relationships both internally and externally, cultivating the corporate image and promoting the company's goals. The variety of event formats is as limitless as our portfolio of locations for this occasion.

TEAM OFFSITE But hey, it's not just about hard work. Team offsites are also a time to celebrate successes and laugh together. They are the recipe and mixtape for a strong team culture and a dose of good humour - so, time to change the wallpaper. Check out our new living locations!

FASHION SHOW The location is not just a room; it is the main stage for staging fashion shows. From chic boutique locations to industrial halls, underground spaces, off-locations and open-air catwalks - the location sets the scene for the visual spectacle. And our suitcase is full of possibilities.

EXHIBITION We know our way around exhibitions - our locations, ranging from old department stores and historic industrial halls to lofts and other off-locations, create a diverse range of atmospheric possibilities. The result is a unique interplay between the architectural backdrop and the artistic works, which transports visitors into a world of aesthetic fascination. We have something for every occasion and if not, we will find a suitable venue.

PHOTO & VIDEO Welcome to the different places where every picture and every frame tells its own story - you decide what you need. Above all, our "Oat Milk Studio" is one of Berlin's biggest studios with an old brick wall - a multifunctional and creative space for all sorts of events and types of production.

POP-UP We love pop-ups. Thanks to our large selection of our own locations and our network, we know almost every nook and cranny. This means we are always able to react quickly and appropriately to requirements.

PRIVATE EVENT No matter what the occasion: Just celebrate! Small or large, long or short, loud or quiet - we support you at every private party.

WEDDING Some say: My child, this should be the best day of your life! And we say: Throw the glasses against the wall, throw the schedule overboard and celebrate freely and exuberantly with family and friends until there's no tomorrow or/and you get straight on the honeymoon plane! Check out our walls here - there are some nice ones.

CONCERT The magical places where music comes to life and the atmosphere is infused with vibrations. These venues are not just rooms; they are stages on which artists present their art and send the audience into a frenzy of sound.

DINNER A dinner location as a statement - it's not just food, it's a production, a stage for taste and style. Imagine: a room that not only has tables and chairs, but an atmosphere that is unmistakable and impressive. This is not just a place to dine; it is a celebration of lifestyle.Check out our countless great spaces for every kind of dinner - whether for 2 or 1000 guests. An by the way: We can cook too.